Read Ricks latest report of his work with Dream Cricket. Incredible what he gets up to.



Dream Cricket Report for 26th to 29th August 2013

This week I headed south starting in the nation’s capital.

Bruce Harvey, newly appointed DCI chairman and myself had an appointment with ACT Cricket to partner in DreamCricket program extension in the ACT and their newly appointed regions of southern NSW by Cricket NSW.

This turned out to be very lucrative for both parties. We will work together in four southern NSW areas where they are re-locating representatives answerable to ACT manager, Martin Garoni, who will in turn report to CNSW.

In the ACT and close surrounds, they have agreed to hold an annual DreamCricket week consisting of 4 days of school clinics leading to a Gala DreamCricket Day on the fifth day at Manuka Oval. An opportunity may exist in presenting the program on Manuka Oval during the World Cup 2014.

I held an awareness DreamCricket program session with 5 cricket promotion officers (CPO’s) Monday afternoon.

Tuesday we ran the program once again at Queanbeyan Public school. Although the numbers were low there was no lack of enthusiasm, energy expended or fun enjoyed. ACT Cricket CPO's ran the program and did a great job. 8 Rotarians and 8 teachers/assists joined in.

I received a 'direct to air' call from ABC Riverina regarding the program currently running throughout their and partner ABC south and south eastern broadcast areas. Bruce interviewed me and posted it on U tube and the website of the Rotary e-club of Brindabella.

Arriving in Young that evening I was asked to attend and speak at the Rotary Club of Young dinner. This was a membership night with 45 members and guests.

Wednesday, another 48 children participated at Young Public school. 20 high school students ran the activities in welcomed sunshine. 14 Rotarians and 12 teachers/parents assisted with glowing reports and compliments. Back out on grass fields and plenty of room to run and hit the balls. The Local paper was in attendance.

Thursday and on to Cootamundra. The weather turned cool again and threatened rain which never came. Only 20 children but they made up for it with commitment and concentration. 10 high school students from Sacred Heart Central School and they commented on how they appreciated being involved. 4 Rotarians and 12 teachers and parents were assisting.

Michael Pilbrow, Labour candidate for Hume, was driving by and called in when he noticed the banners. He was very interested in the program as he has a special needs son and is a Board member and heavily involved in a similar program "Sport Matters". He has requested us to meet with him in the near future, winning or losing the election, as it is his passion.

A drive home after a successful week.     

Yours in Cricket,

Rick McCarthy, Cricket Ambassador, Bradman Foundation