We have a few members travelling at the moment and one of those is Rick McCarthy who is working hard setting up the Dream Cricket Program around the country. He has sent us some reports of recent progress which are shown below. Ken Adams is also spending his caravan holiday working on DreamCricket.



Rick McCarthy writes:-

This year is extremely exciting as we have been requested to introduce DreamCricket Clinics to a further 15 country towns and to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

I have set out a program where I will visit 4 - 5 towns in a nominated area each week from Monday to Friday during the next two school terms.

Although a member of the Rotary Club of Bowral-Mittagong, for the past 15 months I have visited more clubs as make ups, or spent time with other clubs presenting DreamCricket programs than I have with my own club.

To help you my fellow members understand why I am not there I will endeavour to inform you weekly how this great program, with the support of the Rotary Club of Bowral-Mittagong and the DreamCricket International committee, is progressing and spreading.

This year started with drive south for an inaugural Program opening in Melbourne. A presentation to the Rotary club of Albert Park last Wednesday evening was an outstanding success. A lengthy and productive meeting was held with Cricket Victoria to obtain their support with an Memorandum of Understanding to be drawn up.

Thursday was spent visiting a Deaf school which was a huge eye opener and a successful appointment to return Friday lunchtime for our first clinic in Victoria. This was an experience as I learnt how to communicate with 45 children without a word spoken. The hardest clinic, and the quietest I have run but the most rewarding. Rotary club of Albert Park presented the school with a DreamCricket school kit for use on a weekly basis in the school until we return for a Gala DreamCricket Day, hopefully on the MCG at the end of this season.

This week’s visit to Perth has been postponed until February as we had difficulty getting numbers due to the late return from school holidays.

Ken Adams is in Perth on a caravanning holiday, and spreading the word with the Rotary clubs as well as having discussions with our sponsor, “Get Approved”, assuring them that we will meet and exceed our commitments over the three years of their contract, cricket seasons 2013/14 through to 2015/16.

We are in initial discussions with Cricket WA.

I leave on Saturday to drive to Brisbane for our inaugural DreamCricket program at Darling Point Special School, Manly with 120 children, on Monday 29 July. Toowoomba 30, Murwillumbah 31, Lismore 1 August and Ballina August 2.

Have a good meeting.

Yours in Cricket, Rick McCarthy

Cricket Ambassador, Bradman Foundation


From: "Rick McCarthy"

Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2013 7:05 PM

Subject: DreamCricket report 22-26 July

This week my trip to Perth was postponed which enabled me to speak to 15 Rotary Clubs in other parts of the NSW who have either shown an interest or who are well on the way to consolidating their plans to hold a DreamCricket clinic.

The week was designated for the opening in Margaret River, Busselton and West Perth, however with the schools only returning from 3rd term break on Monday, and the main Rotarian coordinating it all is with the IFCR in the UK, Ken Adams has brought it back on track and assured the sponsor a date in February which will assure the best results for their sponsorship.

Ken is currently in Perth and spending much of his and Beryl's caravan holiday time having meetings with Rotary Clubs and schools to ensure the opening of the DreamCricket program in WA is a resounding success for our sponsor, “Get Approved”. Finance brokers sponsoring the program for $15000 per year over the next three years. Thanks Ken and Beryl.

I left Bowral Saturday driving to Brisbane for a Sunday meeting and ready for the Opening of DreamCricket Queensland tomorrow. Report next week.

Yours in Cricket, Rick McCarthy

Cricket Ambassador, Bradman Foundation


Ken Adams writes:-

Hi, President Rosemary,

Beryl and I are enjoying our Caravan trip to the other side of Australia; my it is a long way. It took us 8 days after leaving Bowral on the 8th July to travel across this great country to arrive finally at our Nephew’s home at Eastlake northern Perth (about 35km north of Perth city). We located the Caravan in his front yard and used that as a base as we travelled around Perth and suburbs visiting relatives and friends we have met through Rotary and overseas trips. One such visit was to PDG Keith Draper who was a Governor in our District some years ago and who lead a D9710 Team into China, a team I was lucky enough to be a member, Keith will turn 90 in October and was recently awarded an Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Perth.

We left Perth on Saturday and are now in Busselton for three nights and then off to Pemberton and the Kari and Jarrah forests.

Whilst in Perth I attended the Rotary Club of West Perth which is a breakfast Club made up of mainly of business executives, both male and female, approximately 50 members and they meet at 7.00am. I had the opportunity to address the meeting about DreamCricket and one of their members is our representative in Perth. I also spoke to a PDG from another Club which is very interested in our DreamCricket program. I also had a meeting with the Principal Sponsor of DreamCricket in WA which was very fruitful; the sponsor is very enthusiastic about DreamCricket and wishes for his staff of more than 100 to be involved in assisting to conduct DreamCricket Clinics within the Perth area. On Tuesday I will be meeting with the President of the Margaret River Rotary Club as they are also wishing to introduce the program.

Nothing changes, DreamCricket matters occur every day and our modern electronic age enables things to continue without any delays. Of course connection on the Nullarbor was limited however that did not cause any undue concern.

All is going well, plenty of diesel being burnt, most expensive so far is $2.04/litre and that was on the Nullarbor. 

Perth has been wet windy and cold, 1.5oC one morning which we are told is unusual. However they are certainly appreciating the rain, particularly in the Coolgardie to Perth northern areas, critical for their crops at this time. The country east of Coolgardie was looking fine, particularly in SA with acres and acres of wheat crops coating the ground in a lush green carpet.

To the wine lovers, whilst we have been around the Margaret River area we have not taken the opportunity to sample any of their product, guess the weather has had something to do with this.

Must away, hope all is going well in the Club and I am looking forward to our return in approximately one month.

Regards to all, Ken Adams


Ray & Jenny Williams are enjoying a camping holiday. They write on Facebook "Paris-Dakar? Monte Carlo Rally? No, Lake Menindee to Cunumulla Qld via outback roads to Port of Louth and Bourke. The Darling is a river in distress; in the past paddle steamers towed massive barges full of wool bales from Bourke to Wentworth. Room for a few tinnies side by side now. Cunamulla is warm and friendly. LOL to all...