Story courtesy of Rotary Down Under

Earlier this week, international disaster relief charity,ShelterBox Australia launched a major Typhoon#Haiyan Emergency Appeal to help victims of the Super Typhoon that ripped through the Philippines.

ShelterBox already had a Response Team on the ground, following October's earthquake in Bohol, when the Typhoon struck. Relief tents were taken down and safely stored as the ferocious storm swept through the area. Over 500 relief tents and other vital equipment has already been distributed in and around Bohol. Further volunteer Response Teams are now working in Cebu, one of the worst affected areas. 224 ShelterBoxes and 567 relief tents arrived in Cebu today, whilst another team clears 504 relief tents in Manila. ShelterBox has committed to help 4,000 families and launched a major worldwide appeal.

ShelterBox Australia Director, Mike Greenslade said, 'The response to the Typhoon Appeal in Australia has been fantastic. We already had an appeal to help Syrian refugees running, with over $80,000 donated, and then this. The #Rotary community and general public have really stepped up to help the people of the #Philippinesgiving over $100,000, this week alone. Our experienced teams on the ground are working hard to get aid to those most in need and they will be buoyed by the public support. It is important that the most vulnerable are given shelter, water purification equipment and other vital supplies as soon as possible so that the death toll doesn't rise further'

People can find out more about ShelterBox and donate via the website , the donation hotline: 1300 996 038 or by sending a cheque to:

ShelterBox Australia
Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal 
PO Box 254
NSW 2124

ShelterBox is a Project Partner of Rotary InternationalSince it's inception in 2000, it has responded to over 200 disasters in 90+ countries, distributing over 130,000 boxes. Each ShelterBox contains a sturdy relief tent, blankets and groundsheets, water purification equipment, cooking and eating utensils, a stove, and other survival equipment. The charity relies solely on public donations.